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Best. URL. EVER. Congratulations on that, keep up the good work.

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they only just finished episode one and they have 12 more to shoot and edit before oct. 8th?? whoa

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No. TV shows and movies film things out of sequence all the time because of time/money restraints. So they’ll film all of the scenes that take place in one location first, then in another location, and so on. According to Michael Goi they’ve been shooting scenes from the first five or six episodes all this time, and just yesterday they filmed the final scene they needed for the first episode. They’ve been working on the other episodes simultaneously, just out of order.

And they don’t finish filming the entire season by the time it premieres. According to the cast on the red carpet, they usually have about half of the season fully done by the time the premiere comes around. They continue filming all the way through December while the season is airing to get the final episodes done. I think I remember hearing Sarah say that the final scene between Cordelia and Fiona was filmed right after Christmas break.

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Freak Show finished it´s first episode now


Freak Show finished it´s first episode now

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Sarah Paulson at the backstage of ‘Talley’s Folly’, Roundabout Theatre Company.

by Elizabeth Lippman for The Wall Street Journal

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gotaguy said:

Top 5 things you want to see happen in AHS: Freak Show?

pepperforpresident replied:
  1. I feel like it’s too obvious for Twisty to have some sort of facial deformity that he’s hiding, so I hope it’s something really shocking. Currently hoping he’s got some sort of animal face sewed on underneath that mask.
  2. I want Pepper to be amazing, but that’s definitely going to happen.
  3. I want lots of focus on Denis and Emma, because their relationship in Coven was a real highlight and I’m hoping the same happens this year.
  4. After last night, I really want Elsa to have a penis.
  5. I want Jimmy to not have a singular love affair. I’d be okay if he was some sort of player that just slept around with everyone, but I don’t want another star-crossed lovers scenario.





I wonder how much focus we will actually get on Denis and Emma, I haven’t heard anything about her filming in NOLA yet.

Good points all around though, especially with Twisty. I feel like his real face is going to be something really shocking like an alien face or Lily Rabe or Taissa Farmiga making a shocking cameo as part of his face.

Emma’s there now, but she wasn’t in the beginning. Neither was Denis, apparently, since his first appearance is in the third episode. I hope they’ll end up like Myrtle, who we didn’t see much of initially but later came up in every episode after that.

I would die if it was secretly Lily! That would be so amazing.

Okay, thank you for telling me that! I knew Denis got there eventually because he tweeted about it, but I heard nothing about Emma. I don’t know about Emma, but Denis will definitely have a Myrtle-sized part since he said he would be in 10 out of 13 like Fran said Myrtle was when the Coven hype began. I’ve heard rumors about Emma being in as little as 4 episodes, but we’ll have to see.

And yeah, if Lily HAS to come back, I’d like it to be in a creative way like that. Finally have her be the monster Misty probably would have been before all the Coven rewrites and such.

I think those four-episode rumors came from IMDb, when they credited all of the Freak Show actors in episodes 1, 2, 12, and 13. I don’t know why they did that, but people somehow thought that was legit information and freaked out that everyone was appearing in just the first two and last two episodes. *sigh*

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I think this year without a doubt will be my favorite. Just the richness of it and the time and the place and the characters, it will far surpass anything we’ve done before.
Jessica Lange on American Horror Story: Freak Show in Entertainment Weekly (via fiercefabulousflawless)
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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga | PARTYNAUSEOUS (artRAVE Remastered)

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